Lily Fur baby Session/Spanish Fork/ Utah County Senior and Family Photography

October 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is Lily! 

She has terminal cancer. Her humans have been told they could do chemo and maybe she would live for about one more year. However, they have opted to not make her suffer thru all the things that come with chemo.  I have been there done that with my own dog, who is a cancer survivor. It is not pretty. They lose so much weight, they can barely move around. The are constantly throwing up and cant keep anything down. Watching them lay around with no energy, listless, their eyes confused as to why they want to be playing but their body just wont work the way they want it to. Poor babies. 

Instead Lilys humans have decided to spend as much time loving on her and doing things she loves. Playing and cuddling and catching bubbles for instance. In the hopes that however many last days she has, she will have them full of love and fun with her family. 

Fur babies are part of the family and they deserve to have pictures taken to document they existed as well. If you have a beloved fur baby, and you want to do a photo session with him or her, lets talk about it! My fur baby sessions are not just for dogs and cats, any animal you love should do pictures. :) 



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