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Hi there! I'm Jess.

I am a freelance Life & Family photographer for over 18 years now, originally from Arizona, currently located in Spanish Fork, Utah.


Before we jump into me getting to know all about you and yours, I figure I will share some things about myself and mine!


  • I am a proud momma to three amazing young adults! My boy is the oldest and then my two girls. I'm here to say boys are NOT easier! 
  • I have an adorable grandbaby... and I used to be scared to be grandma but now find it to be so much fun especially since I can do play time and then send him home with his momma and daddy. lol
  • I am married to a wild land firefighter. He is my best friend, the yin to my yang. I love him infinity! 
  • Being out in the woods is my thing, whether its driving on a dirt road, ridng on a 4 wheeler, or hiking.. I LOVE being in the woods. 
  • I love food.... for reals man.... ice cream, tacos, enchiladas, those chocolate orange things..... did I mention tacos?? Lover of Taco Tuesdays, taco any days here! and Pizza... well pizza is life! lol
  • When family members try to help me clean the kitchen, I say thank you, and mean it, and then after they go to bed I go in and rearrange the dishwasher. Yea I'm that kind of momma.. lol.


As a mom, woman, and a photographer I have been there and seen that and more often than not shot it as well!! Don't you worry about kids having freak outs, or grouchy husbands/wives... don't you worry about your photo session being perfect and going smoothly. 90% of the time, it doesn't go as smoothly as you had hoped, because well that's LIFE! Don't worry tho,  I got you!

You will still come away with images that are 100% perfectly you and yours! 


I like to keep things real, and simple, and fun, and most importantly,

All about YOU!


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