Hi there!

My name is Jess and I am the owner and photographer behind the lens at JWilsonPix. 

I have been a full time, professional photographer for over 20+ years now. I work hard to ensure you have a fun photography experience. With the combination of my journey with Thyroid Cancer, plus all the crazy of the pandemic going on, I decided to transition to remote services from in person services.

Why a remote session you ask?

Because of remote sessions I have been able to capture a family all together after 2 yrs of not getting to see each other in person.

Because of remote sessions I was able to create custom content images for a business womans social media during a time when she was not able to go and meet up and shoot outside with her regular photographer. 

Because of remote sessions I documented a little glimpse into another business womans out of country trip right from her air bnb. She knows she has pictures to access when she gets home. 

Remote sessions offer a super easy, fast, affordable way to get beautiful images shot and edited by a professional photographer, from the comfort of wherever you are in the world. If you are camera shy... if you don't normally do pictures because of the cost, the time, the stress, the work... I 1000% recommend you give a remote session a whirl. 

I would love the opportunity to serve you and be YOUR remote photographer! 


For the detailed session information and pricing and/or to book your spot on my calendar, please CLICK HERE.