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What to wear?/Spanish Fork/ Utah/Family Photography

December 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is what to wear for your session.

There is no set universal answer to this. It depends on your families’ style, the location, the weather.

I always tell my clients that there is no need to be matchy matchy.

You want to stick to colors that complement each other. No that hot pink zebra striped dress will not compliment the rest of the group in blue. No plaids, no extreme bling, no florescent colors (unless that is the theme and your all wearing it).

 You will want to think of where your location is, and what the weather is like in the area, and dress accordingly. Choice of footwear is of utmost importance when considering your location. You wouldn’t want to wear your best set of high heels for a location out in the woods. Be yourself, be comfortable.

Many of the photographer I know, including myself have ideas they can send you for outfits and styles if you need somewhere to start.

I send a Pinterest board with a large variety of styles and colors for the whole family based on the season. It gives you a starting place to figure out what you want to do. The MOST important thing however, is to make sure everyone is comfortable and feels good. This will show in your photos and will make your session much more enjoyable! :) 


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