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How to be photo ready in an instant/ Spanish Fork/Utah County Senior & Family Photographer

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Here are a few tips for you, so if a camera is pointed your way, anytime, anywhere, you will be picture ready!

These suggestions will be helpful in prepping for a shoot with a professional, taking pictures at a party with your friends and family, and even for taking selfies! First things first. 

Some of the things I suggest here are going to feel silly, but that is ok!! In the long run, you will be glad you tried them vs flying by the seat of your pants and hoping you looked ok! Practice in the mirror so you see how you look doing each suggestion, figure out if you have a "side" you prefer, so you know for sure if it is something that works for you or not and that you pull it off perfectly!


In all your imperfect glory. 

We all have been there when a picture is taken and your blinking, or putting food in your mouth, caught off guard and the angle is horrible. Been there done that. Don't be hard on yourself. 


1. Hair and Makeup

Find a mirror or reflective surface to use as a mirror. 

  •  Check your teeth
  •  Freshen lipstick or gloss
  •  If you don't have lipstick or gloss, chew gently on your lips a few times to bring the color to them
  •  Scrunch your hair up and give it a volume boost (keep in mind hair looks flatter in photos so you can go bigger than normal on the poof) 
  • Pinch the top of your cheekbones to give yourself a "glow"


2.  Find your angle

Have you ever taken a picture, say a selfie, and wondered why your forehead or nose looked huge??  It is all about the angles!

Cameras create distortion, whether they are on your phone or are in your hand or on a tripod.  Objects close to the camera will appear larger and objects farther from the camera will appear smaller. Keeping this in mind, a good rule of thumb, is regardless of sitting or standing, lean forward slightly and at an upward angle if possible... to get the most flattering angle. 

Remember that whatever body part is closest will look the biggest!! 


3. Know your light

Light is so very important. It can make you look old and tired, or flawless and young. Which do you prefer?? I know which light I like. :) 

Your going to want to find even lighting. This is not full sun, where everyone is sweaty and squinty. And it is not in the shade with sun splotches all over. Even light is just what it sounds like. EVEN all the way through. 

AN example would be in a room with a large window and lots of natural light. You would want to step a few feet away from the window, but then face it and have the camera between you and the window. 

If outside, find somewhere that is full shade, no sun splotches and again, face out towards the light (away from the shade) with the camera between you and the lighter area.  If you are somewhere that you have no control over the lighting situation, if its inside, point your face towards the brightest light source there is. 


4. Strike a pose

My daughter does "her pic pose" every time a camera is pointed at her. She instantly strikes what I call her cheer pose. lol. It looks good and she is comfortable with it, and has it down perfectly.  If you have ever done a session with me, you have heard what I am abut to say before.  And I promise you it works every time!

  • Pick your "best side" then turn that side towards the camera. If you don't have a side then go with what's comfy. 
  • Angle your hips slightly, keeping your shoulders ALMOST squared to the camera.
  • Almost because they aren't full on, and are at a slight angle. 
  • Drop the shoulder closest to the camera down, and push your chest out and up. 
  • I call this the Beyonce Boob Pop.
  • Then you will turn your chin ever so slightly towards that dropped shoulder but looking at the camera. 



5. About that smile

When you hold your breathe, it makes your face look like your holding in a air bubble and when you fake smile, you look like your in pain instead of having fun. You really can tell when someone is holding their breathe and fake smiling! So don't do it!

If you aren't big on smiling, then do a serious expression, but make it more come hither than mean serious. 

Picture your significant other, or someone beautiful that your crushing on, standing behind the camera in their underwear. If you want a really good laugh caught on camera, picture them twerking in their underwear. 



SO there you have it.

I hope that you find some of these things fun and useful,

and that the next time you find a camera pointed in your direction, you remember them and are ready to go!! 




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