JWilsonPix | 5 Tips to improve your fur baby pixs/ Spanish Fork/ Utah County Family Photography

5 Tips to improve your fur baby pixs/ Spanish Fork/ Utah County Family Photography

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For many, their fur babies are like extra children. But with fur, and slobbery tongues. More often than not my own fur babies will be sitting here with me relaxing just being adorable and if I am lucky, I will be able to capture the moment.

Here are a few tips that I use myself, to help you,catch your fur baby in all their furry glory! 

1. Be calm 
When you see them doing something adorable and want to catch it, stay calm! If you jump up in a hurry all excited, they will too and the moment will be lost. Instead, take a big relaxing breathe, and slowly and calmly, turn on your phone camera, or get your big camera and then sit back down. Pretend as if there is nothing exciting going on, nothing to see here. 
2. Get on their level 
Fur babies, like children, are best shot at their level. As adults we are so used to looking down at them, that we miss the opportunity to gain a new perspective by getting down on the floor and capturing them at their level.
3. Focus on the eyes 
This one is a big one! My fur babies are always moving. It takes almost a miracle to get them to stay still. They all are fully aware of when I am trying to take their pictures now. Wally will look at me and then look away until I put my phone or camera down. I seriously do not know how we have come to this but he is the world's most resentful subject now. Because most fur babies are always moving, it is important to make the eyes be the center focal point. It is much better to have a blurry ear tip and tack sharp eyes than to have a sharp tack ear tip and blurry face.
4. Be patient
 SO you got your camera ready and are sitting there waiting. Don't rush. Wait as long as is needed for them to relax again. Once they are relaxed, they will act like themselves when they think you aren't watching. This is when you will capture the essence of their personality best!
5. Turn off your flash 
Yes, turn off the flash! I have yet to be able to capture a solid image of any of my fur babies with the flash on. The initial burst always makes them blink, and then if I'm lucky enough to catch them after the blink they always have red eyes. It is much better to open the blinds and fill the room with warm natural light, and capture them in the moment that way. There is no startle, no blink, and the images show them relaxed in their natural home environment. 
I am the proud momma of three fur babies. Wally I have had since he was wee little, Rex is a rescue dog who came to me at about 1 yr. old, and Princess is a rescue as well who joined our family at about 6 months old. 
I would love to see some of your fur baby images!! Feel free to email me back and share your own fur baby pics! 
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