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Big Springs Dudoir

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So I was browsing thru fb a few weeks back and came across a post shared of a Dudeoir session by another photographer. I thought the images were awesome and the whole idea just fabulous!!! I shared it to my wall with the comment that I wish there were men in my small town who would do such a thing. 

Enter Mr M.. He responded that this was so up his alley!!! So we discussed details and booked the session!!


This husband of 20 years, father, son, brother... what a character!! These images are just a few of the many his wife will be getting as a surprise!! (I'm leaving it to his discretion to post any of the "others" )

He could barely keep a straight face, I told him to picture his wife right behind my shoulder and to look there and give his best come hither look to her. He would be serious for like half a second and then giggle away. I know some of it was nerves but he was so funny.. I bet they have a lot of fun times together... hopefully adding to that list of good times, his reveal of this session to his beloved. 

Men like to feel good to. We woman always say how we want to feel loved, pretty, appreciated.. ect... well so do the guys. They work hard to be good dads, husbands and providers. And they like to hear it, and they like to have a reason to cut up and do something fun and different for their loved ones.  I love that he had the gumption to do such a fun session for his wife. Its not often that the guys are willing to step out of their comfort zone and do something different and awesome for their wives like this. 

Doing a dudeoir session or a boudoir couple session is a good way to cut lose and create something unique and fun for your special someone. Give me a holler and lets get yours booked today!! 




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