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How many pictures is to many pictures??/ Spanish Fork/ Utah County Family Photography

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I have three amazing kiddos who I love more than life itself. Every step of the way I have taken so many pictures of them. lol... My oldest, my boy, his baby book is approx. 12 inches thick. Then as I had my girls the baby books got smaller. I still took a ton of pictures of everything I just didnt make as big a book. (THey remind me of this offense every time we pull them out for anything lol)

I did baby books for the first year. Then after the first year everything goes into the family albums. With the first one, I was doing old fashioned scrapbooking, cuttng, and pasting. designing pages. WIth my second kiddo I discovered digital scrapbooking!! Oh what a life saver!!! I could work on pages and stop when I needed to and not have to worry about cleaning up my mess. I simply saved it and came back to it later. This is why the girls baby books are smaller. They have the same amount of pages they just arent as bullky as brothers pages. :) 

We recently watched a documentary on Vivian Maier. If you don't know who she is ... google her. Very interesting lady. At the time of her passing it was discovered that she had literally thousands of undeveloped film stored away!!! Newspapers, prints, and so much more!! In our home we have a family wall. We have pictures from special times, and members in our family that hang there. it is almost so full that it goes from ceiling to floor. I love it!! When I am at my desk working and sit back to take a break I can look over there at that wall and it brings a huge smile to my face.

I see pictures of my Aunt Bunny sitting on her motorcycle. She beat cancer and then got sick a bit after that from some sort of infection and passed. I loved her dearly. That picture captures her personality perfectly. I remember every detail of that day and what we talked about and how it felt to be with her, and how she smiled, and laughed and smelled when she hugged me. 

I see pictures of my Grandmother who passed, and it takes me back to being little and sitting in her living room listening to Elvis, and having her tell stories of her childhood while we made vanilla wafer pudding. There is my Bompa sitting in his chair, and I am instantly back in time, feeling how soft his crew cut was and his smell as he hugged me. How he laughed when I finally had a growth spurt and was taller than him. 

I see pictures of my now 18 yr old, toddling around in his diaper, with fudge pop  smeared around his face. I remember the big grin and how his chubby arms felt as he hugged me and tried to give me messy kisses. There's my girls in so many stages, our parents,our fur babies. There are just so many memories!!! 

For me.. every picture is a moment in time that I can never get back. It will never be repeated. But by having these prints on my wall, to see everyday, they are something physical I can look at and that triggers in my mind the smells, the talks, the details of that particular moment. And it warms my heart like nothing else. It helps me to share stories with my children about loved ones gone. I do not think you can ever have TOO many pictures in your home, its like a personal family legacy for future generations.



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