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Smith Family/SpanishFork/UtahCountyFamilyPhotography

July 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hey all!! Meet the Smith Family.

They were so excited to do this session as it had been awhile

since they last did family pictures. Can you relate?


Here's mom and dad.... just being themselves. 

It important to not lose sight of each other as a couple

just because your family grows. I always love it when I get to capture the "sneaky"  moments between mom and dad. Especially when they are acting all shy and awkward and are making each other giggle and

laugh to distract each other. 

What is it about boys getting to a certain age and then getting to be so

rough and tumble? Here I asked this cutie patootie to put his arms around dad and hug him, instead he pretended to be iron man and tried to choke him out LOL!!

Boys and bugs.... They are precious to us anyways. Here we were working on a dare to see if he could do a walrus impression with TWO pieces of grass in his nose instead of just one. :) 


Awwwww..... Im sure big sisters are just as tortureous as big brothers can be... but for those moments when they all get along and show the love... #priceless!! <3


And for the final image of this post.... little mr Iron man showing his big guns... don't mind the rest of the gang in the back, we were discussing cheers and such! 


I had such a good time working with the Smith Family. 

They all had a great sense of humor and it was so much fun

getting to chat and work with them for this session.

Feel free to show them so love and leave a comment below! 






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