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About My Gear/ Spanish Fork/Utah County Family Photographer

August 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

For 20178I will be doing some personal projects in the way of having themes. Sometimes they will be per week, and sometimes they will be per month. Just depends on what it is and how I am feeling about it. lol. 

Here is a sneak peek into what is all actually IN my bag.

I always have extra batteries, chargers, and sd cards. I also make sure to have extra business cards, camera cleaning equipment/supplies,external flash, batteries for the flash, my little continuous light flash, and of course last but not least my cameras owners manual.

I know my camera inside and out but let's face it. Sometimes mom brain will kick in at the worst time and it never hurts to have the manual handy just in case. In the side pockets before heading out to a session I will put in a water bottle and a granola bar or small snack for myself.

It's always good to be prepared for whatever situation may come up!! 





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