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Why Your Photographer is Charging That Price

Let's discuss what you’re really paying for when you hire a professional photographer. So many people find fault in the amount photographers charge for a session but are they really thinking about what all is going into this service?


The HEART value of photography would take up way more time than this one blog post.. so today we will only discuss the monetary value.



When you start shopping around for a professional photographer the prices can sometimes seem quite daunting. What very few consumers realize though is that there is a lot more to photographing your family or event than just clicking a button at the right time.

So what are you paying for when hiring a professional photographer? Here are just a couple of things to think consider... 


Time is money.

Just like any other professional, a photographer needs to put in the hours to get the job done. This includes the consultation, traveling to and from the location, arranging childcare for their own kids,time away from their family, shooting the photos, editing, processing, and delivering the orders. You’d be surprised at how much work it takes to get to the end result that is finally delivered to you.

Once they shoot the photos, it’s not as simple as uploading and downloading the images and delivering them to you. They have to process the files, convert it to the correct file type as well as make sizing and color adjustments to make each image pop.

You hired them because you liked their style, their creative eye. They are creating unique, one of a kind images for you and yours, using that creative eye and so the details of the final images matter. 

If your photographer is also creating a book, album, or other custom product for you, they need to spend time designing that too.


Equipment/Tools are expensive.

Even though this is a very small part of why photographers charge the prices they do, it’s important to remember that quality equipment plays an important role in being able to produce the photos that they do.

Professional equipment not only allows for the production of high quality images, it also gives photographers the ability to work in areas with less than favorable lighting conditions or at venues where using a flash is prohibited. And just like any other industry that uses equipment... sometimes things break and need to be replaced and have regular upkeep that goes into keeping things ready to go! 

Then you also have apps and software that they have purchased or pay fees for, that allow them to give the quality effects and editing processes that you are expecting in your final images.


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They have spent years acquiring a very specific skill.

Photography, like any other profession, requires experience and specific skills. From knowing what lighting and camera settings to use, to knowing how to pose people, finding the perfect angles and helping them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Many photographers are still paying off debt for continuing education and schooling for their craft!


It’s still a business.

A professional photographer is still running a business, which means they will more than likely have overhead costs such as rental fees for their studio and the upkeep of equipment. Photographers also need to budget for professional association fees, equipment and liability insurance and fees for courses that will allow them to stay ahead by continuously honing their craft.


So as you see by just these few things, it is about way more than just clicking the button on a fancy camera. A professional photographer who is dedicated to their art and willing to go the extra mile for their clients is always well worth the price.

If you're looking for a professional photographer for your most precious moments, Id love to be considered! I am your true to you photographer located in Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah.   



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