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Every parent knows how frustrating and challenging it can be to photograph children.

While it would be great if you could get your children to pose in front of your DSLR camera, sometimes your iPhone is all you have to capture a shot as it happens.

So, you might as well learn how to master your iPhone camera – these tips will help get you started.


9 Ways to Take Better Photos with Your iPhone

  1. Stick to the native camera app. Since time is of the essence when you’re trying to take a photo of your child, it’s best to stick to the native iPhone camera app. Searching through all your other apps to find the one you’re looking for means you’re going to miss the perfect shot.
  2. Be on the same level as your child. If you’re photographing small children, always take the photo at their level if you can. Shooting from this angle makes the shot look more natural and it provides you with an interesting background.
  3. Don’t forget about burst mode. If it’s a real action shot, use burst mode to capture every movement. Holding your finger on the camera button will allow you to take multiple shots.
  4. Focus on the eyes. If you will be capturing a portrait of your child, focus on their eyes as it makes the photo more engaging.
  5. Try out new locations. If you will be going on an outing with your children, keep your iPhone within arm’s reach. It’s important to try out new backgrounds and settings if you want to improve your photography skills.
  6. Keep it simple. Some photos definitely call for extra details such as props but in most other cases, simpler is better. Lighting and composition are two of the most important factors in any photo – get those right and your photo will look great.
  7. Show scale. If your child is in a very unique setting, making larger objects the focus of your photos will add a sense of scale and give them an interesting edge.
  8. Change the mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment with filters. Using a black and white filter can really highlight the mood of the shot.
  9. Have fun with candid shots. Posed photos have their place but candid shots are a great way to capture the essence of childhood as your child grows, so don’t forget to add them into the mix.

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