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September 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment


9/11 Never forgotten. 


I was getting my kids ready for their first day of kindergarten when it happened. At first I thought it was one of those life like, action, scary tv shows. You know where it looks real for a min then you realize it’s just a show. But initially your heart is pounding in your chest so hard and your stand there kind of frozen not knowing what you should do?

Then I realized this wasn’t some new drama show, this was real. It was really happening. People were dying. Planes were being controlled by people with evil hearts and being crashed into buildings. On purpose. Planes with PEOPLE in them, buildings with PEOPLE in them. These were not warriors on a battlefront. These were everyday people... mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, children of all ages... going about their regular daily lives. Not one expecting to deal with so much evil on such a huge scale that day. I wasnt even THERE... I was watching it unfold on tv, and I wasnt ready with how to deal/process so much evil on such a huge scale. How the survivors of this national tragedy processed this all.... I will never even begin to comprehend. 
My kids didn’t go to school that day or that week. I held them close and cried and prayed. I prayed for the people running to escape, the people in the planes, the people in the buildings... their families. Glued to the television to hear updates, to see what’s next, where would we go from there. 

I will never forget. We the people... will never forget. No one is promised tomorrow... and no one is promised safety today anywhere in the world with such evil in mans hearts. Hold your loved ones close.... stay safe. 


God bless our families... and God bless America. 💜



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