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September 15, 2020  •  Leave a Comment


Have you ever noticed this? 

Have you ever set a goal and worked so hard at it.. that it changed you.. as a person.. as a business owner? 

Did you love the you at the end or no?

Have you ever lost yourself SOOO much in your work, in a project.. heck even in another person... that at some point you dont recognize yourself?  Like you legit stop and look in the mirror and wonder how the heck things have gotten to where they are in that moment. 



That moment is the key to what you become with all that hard work.. all the sacrifice, the dedication, the loyalty.. all the things that you poured into getting there. That defining moment tells it all. 

So... did you achieve that goal and grow in knowledge, in love, in compassion, in empathy, spiritually, as a human.... OR ... did you achieve that goal and only grow your bank account? Would you do it that way again or no? Why or why not? 




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