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Have I mentioned lately that I'm transitioning?  


I'm actually really super stoked about it. What?

You didn't know I was doing something?

Well I know you are busy, and I didn't want to bother you with the details until I had it all worked out. ** shrug.... I'm telling you now tho so does that count? :)


So between my journey with thyroid cancer (I've been pretty much sick since we left AZ and moved to Utah up until surgery in Nov 2020.) and then the pandemic, it was getting to be pretty hard to go OUT and do photos for people. The pandemic itself brings so many crazy what ifs with everything we do in public now adays.... plus recovering from surgery and such, it was just hard. Add in helping take care of my sweet grandbabies... well... I needed to figure something out. 


I did share awhile back that I was now offering remote services. So it may not be that big a surprise. Well after a lot of consideration, a lot of praying, a lot of researching what this would look like big picture... I decided to run with it. 

I will be transitioning my services to all remote! 


Did you know some people are still on lockdown? Some people are homebound. Some people are just scared to go out. Some people just hate having their pictures done and are happy that it's super hard to find and book a photographer depending on where you are. 


With these remote sessions, I was able to document a family in S.C., coming together for the first time in like 1.5 yrs. They did a quick, fun remote session together on their way out to dinner. 


With these remote sessions, I was able to document a business woman from Canada, going on a trip to Nashville who couldn't take her regular photographer with her. We got content images she could use on her social media from her air BNB. 


With these remote sessions, I was able to create content images for a business woman in CA to use for her reel cover images because with lockdown stuff going on she couldn't get booked with her regular photographer. 


I have a session coming up next week when I send this to you, with a CEO working on a new launch and wanting fun content images to use for her promotions. She is in Montreal. I will get to "see" locations I prob wouldn't ever get to go see in person and the people I work with get to have custom content images all their own!


After that I get to work with  mom boss in Alabama, who has never done professional pictures before!!!


The possibilities are really endless! 


So here is your official notice. 

I am remote. 

My message of having your own custom images,

of how important it is to have true to you documentation of your loved ones... Its all the same. 

It's just now the implementation of it is slightly different. 

I redid the website... If you want to go check it out and let me know what you think... Catch any grammar or spelling errors for me... :) 


So there you have it there you go. 

The holidays are coming. 

What are your plans? 

I know in some places travel is allowed and in others it is not. 

Id love to hear about what you and your family will be doing. 

Feel free to hit reply and let me know! :) 






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