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Hello friends!  

With the holidays coming up, many are considering doing family photos while everyone is together!

That all being said.. whether you book me or someone else.. please take the time to consider these things! 

Family is everything. The special moments in life for your family are important moments to capture in as real a way as possible. There are several things you can do to ensure that your moments are captured professionally, affordably and in a way that you will be brought back in time to that moment and will cherish forever.


Contrary to popular belief the first thing when considering how and who to capture these moments for your family is NOT about cost. Everyone wants the biggest bang for their buck, because we all work hard for our money. Going for the cheapest prices though can sometimes bite you in the bum. There is nothing worse than getting back the final images and not being happy with the quality, or having certain special moments not captured. I hear it all the time where people say that looking back they wish they hadn’t skimped on the photographer for their special life/family event.


It is important to do your research. When deciding on who to use, you want to check out their work. Look at their portfolio and see what their style is like. Do you like the style, do you like the portfolio work? If so then check out their reviews from previous customers. Check out their yelp page, their social media pages, see what others say about working with them. 


Once you have narrowed your choices down, request information on packages and prices and what all is included. Most photographers will customize packages to fit your needs and budget. Let them know what you want and need specifically and if you like the info they send you set up a meeting. With today’s technology you can email, text, do a phone call or even a facetime call if you are too far away or too busy to meet in person. 


It is very important to be clear on what you want to do with your final images. Do you plan to get a huge canvas to hang in the living room over the fireplace? Are you looking for something to hang in your office at work? Will you be making announcements or cards to send out to family and friends? Will you be making gifts to send to family and friends? Are the images for your family only and will go into a 
family album to pass on to your kids? Are the images going to go on your wall at home? When you know what you want to do with your final images, it is important to relay this to your photographer to make sure they understand and will be able to provide you with products and images fitting your purposes. 


When you have decided on your photographer it is important to make sure they offer some sort of agreement contract/model release that both parties have to sign. This allows both parties to be on the same page with what’s going to happen and what is expected. Once you’re all booked and set to go you can move on to the next steps to prepare for your session. 


One of the most commonly asked questions is what to wear for your session. There is no set universal answer to this. It depends on your families’ style, the location, the weather. I always tell my clients that there is no need to be matchy matchy. You want to stick to colors that complement each other. No that hot pink zebra striped dress will not compliment the rest of the group in blue. No plaids, no extreme bling, no florescent colors (unless that is the theme and your all wearing it). 

You will want to think of where your location is, and what the weather is like in the area, and dress accordingly. Choice of footwear is of utmost importance when considering your location. You wouldn’t want to wear your best set of high heels for a location out in the woods. Be yourself, be comfortable. 

Many of the photographers I know, including myself have ideas they can send you for outfits and styles if you need somewhere to start. I send a Pinterest board with a large variety of styles and colors for the whole family based on the season. 


Once your session is booked, if you have at least 2 weeks, then you will want to do everyone’s haircuts and color if needed. This allows time to let the color relax, and everyone to feel comfortable with how they are styling their hair. 


This is NOT the time to try to do new makeup techniques. You want to look like you, you want to be comfortable, and you want to feel pretty and at your best. I always say do your make up the way you would for a girl’s night out or date night. If wearing open toed shoes, you want to make sure the toenails are trimmed and painted pretty. Fingernails should be clean, neutral and pretty. Men’s grooming should be done at least three days before…unless they don’t shave, in which case you want to make sure beards and eyebrows are trimmed/groomed neatly. 



The most important thing is to relax, and have fun. Enjoy the time with your family, enjoy the moments of the adventure. No moment happens exactly the same ever. It is not a time of stress or worrying about being perfect. It’s about you and yours and what makes you all unique. When your being true to who and what your all about, your photographer will capture that in all its perfect glory and deliver to you images that will last a lifetime and will be cherished memories of that particular moment forever. 

I hope you have found some of these tips helpful. 




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