Need content imagery but don't want to be in the picture/video? These tips are for you!

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Ideas to Try at Home if you DON'T want to be in front of the camera! 

As IG transitions in competition with tik tok, as video becomes all the rage... 

Many of us, myself included are struggling with being comfortable IN FRONT of the camera! I get it.. the struggle is real!!! Here are some ideas you can use to take images, take video for reels etc, that don't have to include your face! (Unless you want it to of course :) ) 


  • Think of things specific to you and your brand, what tools do you use in your industry? Take static images of those and talk about why you love to use those tools. Share how they make your life so much easier. Get bonus engagement on social media by tagging the store you bought them at as well as the brand makers of said tools. 
  • Set up phone and do a behind the scenes type session. You can get both images and video clips from these types of set ups. Showcase different steps in what you do to create. For example... if you make jewelry... showcase how you design the pieces, share a bit about the processes you go thru to put everything together. 
  • Show images and/or video clips of before and after. Example: you are a wood worker. Show how you start with a piece of wood, and then what it looks like after you have created your masterpiece! 

I hope this is helpful to you all.... and of course if you'd like some custom one on one help with your particular business, I would love for you to set up a consultation with me to discuss more in depth. 

A few things to remember.. social media is about being social. Let people see what it takes for you, a real person, to create and put your stuff out into the world. 


Here is the link if you'd like to book some one to one help!



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