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6"Questions You Should Be Asking Your Photographer"


1. How long have you been a photographer?

The longer the photographer has been in business, the more likely it is that this is not just a hobby for them. 

2. Which types of photography do you specialize in? 

It is uncommon for a photographer to specialize in several different types of photography. Asking this question gives the photographer and yourself the opportunity to decide if you are a good fit for each other for the project at hand. For example, someone who specializes in wedding photography may or may not be good at seniors or head shots.

 3. Do you have many repeat clients?

This one is a great test of not only the quality of the photographers work but also of their customer service. People will come back again and again for both. 

 4. What is your policy on rescheduling a session?

An experienced photographer will have a cancellation policy in place when it comes to a customer cancelling or needing to reschedule a session. A photographer with  policies in place indicates that they have had experience working with many types of customers and situations and have created said policies accordingly.

5. Have you had any experience with (name your specific concern)?

If you have any specific concerns regarding your session, such as the photographers ability to work with special needs children, or pets, or even grumpy husbands, just ask. Find out if they have ever handled that type of situation before and what they did. Given adequate notice of any sort of special situations that may apply to your session, any experienced photographer should be able deal with whatever comes up in a kind and professional way. This is the ultimate hallmark of a seasoned pro. 

6. Silent Question: Use your gut to judge their personality and rapport.

The photographers job is to capture you in your realness, in the emotion of the moment. If you and your photographer don't mesh well on the phone or in person, you wont mesh at your session and it will show in your images.




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