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Simple Ways to Feel More Comfortable in Front of Any Camera

Whether you’ve always disliked posing for photos or it’s something you’ve recently become self-conscious about, there are steps you can take to change this.

Getting over your discomfort might not happen overnight but taking small steps every time you happen to be in front of a camera will eventually lead to a permanent change.

Here are some simple-to-implement tips:

       -Dress for Comfort and Confidence If you know you might be in front of a camera, don’t wear something you haven’t worn before or an outfit that you don’t always feel comfortable in. Wearing all of your best items might not be the right approach either. Since you don’t wear those items all the time, you might actually end up feeling more self-conscious.

     -Choose the Right Photographer It’s always easier to have your photo taken when you get along with and feel comfortable around your photographer. If you’re planning any form of professional shoot, take your time to find a photographer that makes communication easy, someone who doesn’t make you feel judged. If your photographer is easy to talk to, you might also want to mention that you’re feeling nervous about the shoot. Getting it out there will ensure your photographer will take additional steps to guide you and make you feel more confident.

    -Select a Location That Feels Comfortable As much as you want to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you also want to choose a location where you don’t feel out of place. For example, if you already don’t like the thought of being the center of attention in front of s camera, having your shoot in a busy street or café is probably not the best idea.

   -Keep Your Hands Busy People who are nervous in front of the camera often don’t know what to do with their hands. If this tends to happen to you too, keep something in your hands during your shoot. This can be anything from a cup of coffee to a phone or a pair of sunglasses. Naturally, if your whole body will be in the shot, this won’t be an option. If you’re taking headshots, however, this can be a good distraction.

  -Practice at Home If you’re worried that you’ll look weird in your photos, practice posing in a mirror at home. You can even ask your partner, a friend or family member to help you out by taking photos with their camera or smartphone in the days leading up to your shoot.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in front of the camera, especially if you’re investing in a professional shoot. Ask for help from those around you and keep practicing to gradually start feeling more at ease.



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