3 things to NOT do for your branding photo shoot.

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A professional branding photography session is one of the smartest investments a small business/entrepreneur can make. Having custom branded images that no one else is using, that showcase all the awesomeness specific to your business/product/brand is one of the most genuine ways to put your message out to your audience and the world. However.... it can go wrong fast.... so its important to go into it knowing exactly what you are about and what you will be sharing in said images. 


Here are my 3 tips on things to NOT do for your branding photo shoot.


1. DON'T  fake it. As in don't get all over dressed up, and "create" a look just for your photos that is not really how you normally are. Be you. Show who you are. Its one thing to be professionally dressed up for your session, maybe buy a new outfit, or get your hair and make up done professionally, but still looking like you. Its another to overdo it and end up with pictures that look nothing like you in real life. You want people to recognize you in the grocery store or when you go to in person meetings. 


2. DON'T wait until last minute to plan your outfit.  It can be overwhelming, I know. But plan ahead and it won't be. When I am doing a branding session with a client, I will always ask what they intend to wear. You want to look like you, you want to be comfortable. I always suggest to use accessories and bring a jacket or a couple of top changes. This allows you to switch up your look in seconds by switching a jacket or your top and then adding/swapping accessories. We want to make sure that at least one of your outfit switches is your brand color, but the rest can be what you feel good in, feel pretty in, and that will allow you to have a few options of different "looks" in your images.  


3. KNOW exactly what you will be doing with these images. Again this is something that should be discussed with your photographer before hand to ensure the shoot list. HOWEVER.... it is not uncommon for a client to have one idea in mind when they speak with the photographer, show up and get the images done, and then change their mind on what they are doing. There is nothing worse than spending money on images you don't end up using. Be super clear in what you want the images FOR... so that when you do shoot them, there is no doubt or hesitation in your mind on moving forward and using them for what they were created for. 


I hope you found this tips helpful! If you would like to discuss if a branding photo shoot is something your business needs at this time, I would love to chat with you about it! Feel free to shoot me an email or connect on social media and DM me there. 


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