You booked a personal branding photo session. Now what?

June 18, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


Let's be honest here... not too many people really enjoy taking pictures. Even when its for your business. 

With that in mind.. here is my checklist of things to do on your end to ensure a fabulous photo shoot. 

- Be super clear on what you want your goals for the shoot to be. Make a list. Communicate that list with your photographer. 

- Figure out what you will be using the images for. Make a list if need be so you don't forget or miss anything upcoming that you could utilize the images for. 

- Make a mood board off of Pinterest for example, showing the vibe, your brand colors, examples of what you see in your head when you imaging YOUR images. 

- Practice posing in the mirror so you get comfortable, and also so you can figure out what side is your favorite side for pictures of yourself. 

- Talk to your photographer about outfit and prop ideas. Also discuss the shoot list so you both are on the same page for what images you will be creating. 

- Have fun!! 

With a little pre planning, and a lot of communication, you will go into your session prepared and ready to go! This will help with the outcome of your images and will get you the biggest bang for your buck! If you're going to spend the money doing them, make sure they are fire!!! 


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