Fun Family Photo Display Ideas

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Fun Family Photo Display Ideas

If you want to turn your house into a home, it all starts with adding personal touches. Artwork and photographs are just two ways that you can make a home all your own. It’s not always easy to decide how to incorporate photos into your décor though. Frames, photos, colors, and display styles all need to be considered in conjunction with your décor.

  • Beyond the living room. Most people display their family photos in their living rooms but why not change things up by creating a collage of frames on a wall in your kitchen. Fun frames and photos can bring some extra warmth and love to the area where you make meals together.
  • Big and bold. If you want your photo wall to the next level, extend it and use bright frames (a red and black pairing is always a good choice). If you want to build a photo wall along your staircase, take the display wider and higher than you normally would for an eye-catching effect.
  • Black and white blend. If you would prefer something simpler, print some of your favorite family photos in varying sizes and in black and white. Next, place the photos in a combination of black and white frames and scatter them along a focus wall.
  • Let your wall colors guide you. Another great way to get your photos to blend in with your existing décor is to choose frames that complement your wall color. For example, red frames against a teal background stand out and blend in perfectly. If you love color, this is the ideal way to add more of it to your home.
  • Floor to ceiling. Have you ever seen a family photo display that fills an entire wall? It’s the perfect way to personalize a section in your home. If you do go the floor to ceiling route, choose frames that are more or less the same or your wall may end up looking a little too busy.
  • Create a photo ledge. Your family photos most certainly don’t need to be on a wall. If you have an appropriately sized ledge in your home, add photos to frames of different sizes and scatter them along the ledge. This could be a ledge of a window or a fireplace.
  • Add a wall-sized photo. Photo murals that take up space across an entire wall can be real statement pieces. You will need to get assistance from a professional printer for this.

Make this the year that you display some of your best memories and moments with your family in fun and creative ways in your home.








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