Only YOU do what you do, how YOU do it. Let's document that.



If you are tired of being stuck in the rat race of using the same stock images everyone else is using, tired of stressing about what to post, and if it feels authentic to you and your business, then a branding session is just what you need!  

Your story is not basic, so the images your using online to tell it, shouldn't be basic.  

Personal Branding Photography Services in Utah County by JWilsonPix 


Still not sure if a personal branding session is for you? Have questions you want answers for before booking? No worries! 

Please fill out the form to set up an appointment for a free 30 min, no strings attached, consultation. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for an email from, OR if we are connected on FB a FB message within the next 24 hours or less to get this consultation set up! 

I look forward to creating fabulous, custom content with you. - Jess


Mini Session


This session is perfect for a refresh of your website and social media profiles. 

Provides enough images to post 5 days a week for one month! 

 * $150 fee due in full within 24 hours of booking on calendar. Bal due by date of session. Fee is non refundable

  • 2 photo stories
  • 20 images 
  • Commercial Use License



This sessions provides enough images to post 5 days a week for 3 months!

* $500 due within 24 hrs of booking, Bal of $300 due by date of session. Fee is non refundable

  • 3 photo stories 
  • 60 images 
  • Commercial Use License



This session provides enough images to post 5 times a week for a entire year! 

* $700 due within 24 hrs of booking, Fee is non refundable. 

* Payment plan available for remaining balance. 

  • 4 photo sessions throughout the year, 1 per quarter
  • 3 photo stories per session
  •  60 images per session
  • Commercial use License

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man in his 30's in dark blue shirt, head shot image for propane shuttle, personal branding photography by JWilsonPix

"I was able to work with Jess this week and she was awesome! She had a plan in place for what I was looking for and she researched what my small business was so she could know what we were about. Jess did a fantastic job and I would definitely use her again!"- Robert E. -Owner Propane Shuttle

profile image of JWilsonPix, personal branding photographer in Utah County

Hi there! I’m Jess, owner and photographer behind the lens at JWilsonPix. I've been shooting professionally, full time for over 20+ years now. 

I am momma to three amazing young adults, grandma to two sweet peas and a wild land fire wife. My family and I are from Arizona, but currently call Utah our home base.  

I started out shooting Life & Family photography.. so think weddings, and families and all the in between. I love to teach and I love to help people...and over the years, I realized the HUGE need there was for custom content for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

I help small businesses and entrepreneurs like you, who want to up their online game by having True to You, one of a kind, custom images to use for their social media and online marketing content.  

"Only YOU do what you do, HOW YOU do it."  

That is YOUR amazing story, the story of YOU, the story of your brand, the story of your business.  

I am here to help you capture it and share it with the world.  


Personal Branding Photography  

Head Shots  

Product Images  

Digital Editing/Retouching  

24 hr or less delivery time  


20+ years of Life Photography for families, individuals, and small businesses. 


When you decide a personal branding session is for you, here is our process:

  •  First we have you book a date on the calendar (find that at the book now buttons)
  •  Then you will get a questionnaire about you and your business goals/needs via email
  •  We will set up a time to get together in person or via video call (fb video or zoom) to plan the details of your session
  •  We meet up and shoot your stories
  •  Your images are delivered to your email within 24 hrs or less of your session 

Blond girl in blue shirt, with polka dot coffee cup sitting in green grass

I"Huge Shoutout to Jess Wilson! We did a branding photoshoot today and I came in with zero ideas and she helped me create something bold and fun that really expressed my personality.  

She is great to work with and great behind the camera! Hit her up for all your branding photography needs!" - Taylor D.- The Magnify Company

What IS Personal Branding Photography?  

A Personal Branding Photography session is simply put, a lifestyle session with the focus being on you, your story, your business, your brand, and with the end result being custom content you can use for your online marketing and social media purposes. Your story isnt basic, and so the images you're using to share your story shouldnt be either!  

This is a session for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their online marketing up a level, and stand out from the crowd with images specifically customized to their brand or business.  

Personal Branding is a fun and true to you, one of a kind way, to incorporate product images, natural head shots, and candid action/lifestyle shots all into one photo session. The images created in these sessions are all about telling who YOU are.. giving voice to your business, your services, your products, a voice that is unique to the what, how and why of what you are offering to the world.  

The images created will be licensed specifically to you for non exclusive, commercial use, allowing you to manipulate, edit and use however needed for your online marketing and social media purposes, all without having to worry about giving photo credits. 

If you are still not for sure and have questions.. let’s set up a no strings attached 30 min consultation to answer your questions and discuss what personal branding can do for your and your online presence!  




But that doesn't mean we can't help you find what you're looking for!