How is this going to work you ask?

Well we start with these three steps.


Decide what kind of session you need/want to do and book it on the calendar for a date and time that works for your schedule!


Watch your email for information on invoicing (when applicable) the app link we will be using, the prep checklist and info questionnaire to get started. The app link you get is what we use for the actual session. It connects our devices with SSL security and gives me full control of your camera! (Nothing else.. just the camera)


The day of your shoot, as we chat and take your pictures. I will be there to coach and guide you every step of the way. I download the images to my end and run them thru my editing processes. You will receive your professionally edited images within 2-3 business days delivered to your email in a private download album.

iphone in purple case with purple metallic charger cord

My approach... What you can expect:

Get on my calendar..

Once you’ve made up your mind, find a date and time on my calendar that works with your schedule.

Watch your email..

As you will be getting a questionnaire so we can work out the details of your session before hand. When I get your answers back, I will put together a shoot plan and send it to you for approval.

Picture time..

It's the big day! I will text you when I log in on my end and we will meet in the shutter studio app. We will go thru our shoot plan while chatting and having a good time. You might not even realize when I'm taking the pictures!


In 2-3 business days you will receive a private, fully edited album via your email on file to either download to your computer or to choose your favorites to download from.


This is my first remote photoshoot, what should I know?

You should know that we are going to have a fun time and that I am going to capture you in all your awesomeness!

Also that you will have some really awesome images within the next few business days here to be using on your social media, website and for your marketing/advertising purposes.

The two most important things you must take care of on your end is ensuring that the location you choose has a solid signal connection AND good natural light!

For the rest...Don't overthink it. I got you.

What should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel good, powerful, beautiful. And most importantly... COMFORTABLE! Think layers and accessories and try to incorporate your brand color (s) if possible. We will cover this in detail during our planning calls.

How many pictures will I receive?

The Headshot package includes up to 15 images.
The Branding Power hour includes up to 30+ images.
The yearly Branding package includes 4 sessions that will come with up to 30+ images per session.

Please note that your images will not be watermarked and will be high resolution images. While I do retain copywrite of all my work and do use images in my portfolio, you are granted lifetime usage permissions on your images.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Welllll I am all about not having to incur expenses unless necessary. Recommended equipment is literally your phone, fully charged, clean lens and a phone stand.

During our planning call we will discuss location, props, outfits and anything else to ensure you have the best session ever! We can discuss alternatives you have around your home at this time if you do not have a stand.

Are there payment plan options?

For the Branding Subscription only, there is a pay in full incentive as well as a quarterly/monthly payment option.

For all the other packages, payment is non refundable and is due within 24 hours of booking to reserve your spot on the calendar.

This sounds like a lot of work...

It sounds like a lot of work only because it is something new. Once we have a shoot date and a shoot plan.... really it just comes down to picking your outfit...and showing up with your beautiful smiling face!

Once you understand how it works and experience it for the first time, you will be amazed at just how easy it actually is!

Lets work together!

I can’t wait to show you how awesome you are thru my eyes/lens.

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