September 11, 2023

Most people hate having their pictures taken....

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And the reasons are universal...

In an increasingly visual world, where social media and online presence play a pivotal role in business success, the aversion to having one's picture taken for professional purposes might seem counterintuitive. However, the sentiment is more common than you might think. In my over 20+ years experience, it is very rare to have someone who is 100% gung ho to do them. From entrepreneurs to corporate professionals, many individuals find themselves squirming at the thought of a photoshoot.

Let's delve into some reasons why most people harbor a dislike for business photos and how understanding these perspectives can help bridge the gap between personal comfort and professional necessity.

Self-Perceived Flaws

One of the primary reasons behind the apprehension towards business photos lies in the realm of self-perception. People often nitpick their perceived flaws, whether it's a crooked smile, unmanageable hair, or what they perceive as an "un-photogenic" appearance. The lens of a camera can magnify these insecurities, making the prospect of having their picture taken a daunting one. For me personally, I will talk with you to get an idea of what some of the things you are worried about are, in addition to my extensive list from my years of working with people, to combat this. Taking that information into consideration allows me to choose angles that will help me showcase the awesome I see in you, instead of putting a spotlight on those flaws you think you have. This process continues in my editing, where I cull the images very carefully. If I see a image and I see something in it that you may get self critical with, you never see those images. They get dropped like a hot potato.

Fear of Judgment

In a world that values appearances, many individuals fear judgment based on their photos. The visual medium opens the door to comparisons and critical scrutiny. People worry that a single photo might define their professional identity and impact how colleagues, clients, or potential customers perceive them. This may be true to a certain extent depending on your industry, HOWEVER.... it is important to remember that the people you work with, like you for YOU. They like your services, your product, your customer service. Showing up in all your imperfect glory as yourself, is priceless. Also... if people want to judge, they are doing that no matter what, so go ahead and rock those images and tell those people where they can stick their judgements.

Loss of Control

For those who prefer to be in control, the camera lens can feel like a relinquishment of power. Unlike curated social media posts, where filters and edits reign supreme, business photos can capture candid moments and expressions that might not be in line with the carefully crafted image one aims to present. We all do this. We all struggle with this. This part is where clear, open communication with your photographer comes into play. When I work with a client I like to look at their websites and social media to get a feel for the content images they are sharing. Then we discuss and plan every step of the session to ensure images are going to be true to you, but also still fit into what you are sharing with the world.

Cultural and Societal Influences

Cultural and societal norms also play a role in the resistance to business photos. Some cultures place a greater emphasis on humility and modesty, leading individuals to shy away from the spotlight. In a society where personal privacy is increasingly valued, having a camera invade personal space can create feelings of vulnerability. Raise your hand if you don't like the attention/spotlight to be focused on you. Personally in my years of being a small business owner, I relate to this 100%. For the longest time I was worried about boasting, showing off, sharing unapologetically about what I do. At some point, don't ask me to pin point it lol, I realized I am awesome at what I do, I love what I do and I can share about it from the tops of the mountains and still be a humble, modest, caring human being. It is important to realize this for yourself too. Being proud to share what you do, doesn't take away from the kind of human you are. Plus there are people out there who may be searching for what you offer. You could be their answer, but they won't know unless you share about it!

Time-Consuming and Stressful

Photoshoots often require time and effort, factors that busy professionals might find challenging to accommodate. The process of getting ready, selecting outfits, and ensuring the setting is suitable can contribute to stress and anxiety, further fueling the distaste for business photos.

All of these reasons, they are all valid worries. Not to toot my own horn (but toot toot) I can help with these things. It's called remote photography. My way of doing this saves time, money and you have fun! So if you have to do pictures and you struggle with any of the above issues, let's connect and get you some amazing pictures to use for your business. I guarantee you will leave a photo shoot with me with a smile and leaving all the above issues behind. Visit my website for more info or to get a spot on my calendar.