November 18, 2023

Point that thing the other way!!

Families, Portraits

Family Photos… should we do them or nah?

That is always the BIG question I see people hem hawing about in their mind. You feel all awkward and self conscious when the camera is pointed your way. I know! I understand!

Even with all that crazy emotional roller coaster, Family pictures are, and will remain, portals back in time for your posterity. They are priceless!

If you are on the fence about it and wondering why you should hire a professional photographer and do a family session at least 1–2 times a year….. I ask of you…Have you ever lost a loved one? To cancer, to a freak accident, to old age or a simple illness you thought they would get better from?

How horrible is it after all is said and done, when you go looking and you can not find ONE single picture of you and that loved one. Or of your children and that loved one.

Not one image to put on the wall in their memory.

Not one image to show your kids and tell them stories about that person.

This is why you do regular family pictures. Families grow and are ever changing. Anyone of us could be gone in a blink of an eye and it is important to make sure your loved ones have updated images. Don’t be that loved one, suddenly gone, with the most current pictures being from 1970, when you first got married at that little chapel in Reno.

I have been there, have done that, got the t- shirt and I understand every heart wrenching moment of it all with loved ones who have passed in my own life. I know all about the what if’s and why didn’t I’s that you will have/go through.

I myself even, hate having my picture taken, that is why I am always on my end of the camera!

But, I do it so my children’s children will know I existed and what I looked like. I know it can be stressful and that no one really is jumping up and down with glee at the thought of a photo session, however, I promise though that with the right photographer, whether it is me or someone else, it can be a stress free, fun, special memory making time for you and yours.

So stop putting it off and just do it.

And if you want some professional help in making it happen... get on my calendar here.