June 17, 2023

3 Tips to hang and frame your prints!

Photo Tips & Tricks

Photos should be an integral part of every home, especially if you’ve paid a professional to take them. Displaying photos around your home is not just great reminders of memories you’ve shared, but your children are reminded of how loved they are too.

You should see your photos as extensions of your furniture and décor – they’re the finishing touch that brings your home to life. If you’re in the process of planning your photo prints, here are some easy ways you can display them using frames.

  1. Create a symmetrical display. For larger prints, opt for a symmetrical display. Placing large, framed prints side-by-side helps shape a room by giving it more structure. Plus, symmetry gives a room a gallery-type look and feel.
  2. Add it to existing décor. There are no rules that say you need to hang framed prints. If you have a shelf in any area of your home, you can line up framed prints to add dimension. It also looks really good to add framed prints to shelves with existing décor such as books, vases, or nick-nacks.
  3. Build a collage. Then there’s the option of creating a less structured look. Using different frames, create a collage wall. These frames don’t all need to contain family photos either, they can also contain prints, which will help break up the photos and tell a complete story. This is an easy way to get your photos to fit in with your existing wall art.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to use the same frame styles and colors, even when you’re grouping them together. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Do whatever fits in with your home and personal style.

If you’re ready to start hanging your photos, it’s highly recommended that you use craft paper to create templates. This way you can visualize the display before you commit to it by taping the paper pieces to the wall to see how your design looks. There are so many designs you can come up with to display your images! The opportunities are limitless. 

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