July 30, 2023

How to use the images from your branding photo shoot!

Photo Tips & Tricks

Let's go thru this together shall we...

So you had a fun personal brand session and you have a bunch of image files. But now what?

This is something I think many who do a photo shoot struggle with for the after part of that shoot. So here is a checklist to help you figure it out! Maybe you've already done some of these or maybe you haven't thought of some!

Brand your digital self across all your platforms

Choose one image, your favorite image preferably....to be your profile photo and change your profile image in the following spaces:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • iCloud
  • WhatsApp
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Payment apps you use for business (like PayPal or Venmo)

It’s my personal opinion that your profile photo should be one in which you’re showing yourself in all your glory. Remember, you’re using these photos to connect to your audience and that means they need to help them know, like, and trust you. Eye contact and your beautiful smile are important here.

Brand your customer touchpoints

There is so much digital real estate in your portfolio of customer touchpoints. One of these which is often overlooked is email. You communicate with your customers via email multiple times in an engagement. They talk to you via email more than any other avenue but it is so often overlooked as an opportunity to brand yourself.

Create an eye-catching email signature with Canva. Select a template with a photo and make sure it’s one where you’re making eye contact with your customer.

Other digital touchpoints are slide decks and pitches, invoicing, and payment portals.

Your website

Of course, you have a website, right? I hope so! Work with your designer or go thru and make yourself a vision board using your new images to help you elevate your website. This may lead to a whole rebrand of color palettes, typography and even language/tone.

Your social media content

You should have enough photos from your session for many many posts to your social media feeds. Be solid on your buckets and then go thru you image sets. (This is something I do when shooting but not all photographers may do this so check before hand so you can plan accordingly) Figure out what stories you are wanting to share, what buckets they go into and then what image sets best relate to those stories. Walla!! Depending on your posting schedule you can easily get 1-2 months worth of content right there!

Don’t be afraid to talk about the same things over and over. That’s what marketing is. Saying the same things over and over in different ways. Your audience will only see a very small portion of the things you share, so there’s a very good chance they won’t have seen the first couple of times you talked about your business. And if they have, they either won’t remember it or just appreciate hearing it again.

I use www.Planoly.com for scheduling my social media posts so I can batch create 1-2 per month and then let the scheduler take over so I can still show up consistently for my audience while still being present in my real life. This allows me space to focus on engaging with my community and other creators but also still have back yard pool days with my grandbabies when I want to.

If you are needing clarification on my branding packages, here is a little info to help.

I offer a branding power hour... its 1 location, with the goal of 2-3 story lines, which include 2-3 outfit changes. The end result of this is UP TO 60 image files to use for your business needs.

If you are looking to have a CONSISTENT feel to your imagery across the board long term... then you might want to do my branding for the year! This gives you up to 60 images, every quarter to use/update to your hearts desire!

I look forward to learning about your business and helping you achieve all the photos you need to do everything listed in this blog post. Get in touch using the contact form on my website OR you can DM on IG or FB. Speak soon!

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