June 17, 2023

Why you hate your headshots!

Photo Tips & Tricks

Let's face it.. most people really don’t like having their photos taken. While a good photographer can change their minds, someone who is left with bad results will only further hate the process. This is why it is important to find the RIGHT photographer to work with to make the entire process a bit more enjoyable and easy to do.

Many time if you have had a headshot session done and you come away with not so pleased feelings... it is the result of a few different things. These reasons can be just one or multiple reasons piled together.

  • You Chose the Wrong Photographer

Very often, a bad headshot experience is directly linked to a photographer’s experience and/or style. It could also be that the photographer is accustomed to shooting weddings or products, which can result in poor headshots. It’s essential to research and ask about a photographer’s experience and browse through their portfolio before scheduling a shoot. Taking a look at their portfolio will give you an idea of what their style/vibe is about and if it aligns with what YOU are looking for.

  • You Browse Through Too Many Magazines

If you look at lots of different magazines, you will see a lot of models pretending to be business executives. This can easily give you the wrong idea about what your headshots are meant to look like. To get a better idea of what you should expect, rather browse through the LinkedIn profiles or websites of local entrepreneurs. Take a look at the social media profile images that those you admire or who are in your same industry are using.

  • Your Standards are too High

If you tend to be really overcritical of yourself, you might end up having a bad headshot experience. This is also where it’s important to work with a talented headshot photographer who can help you tell your unique story using images. Understanding what to expect will go a long way in helping you have a more positive experience. This includes speaking to your photographer about what makes a good headshot. By sharing any concerns you have with your photographer, you allow them the opportunity to make sure they get the most complimentary angles, lighting and of course capturing your best side so the chances of you not picking yourself apart when looking at images of yourself will be a little less.

  • You are Trying to Replicate Someone Else’s Headshot

It’s essential to honor yourself. Trying to replicate the headshots you see online might result in photos that look fake. For example, if your personal brand is happy and playful, you can hardly expect to love serious-looking headshots.

It doesn’t matter whether you want headshots for your professional corporate profile or your new business, getting the basics right is key to ending up with photos you love. It will make allll the difference in the world when you take the time to find the right photographer, you communicate any insecurities or concerns you have about doing the pictures and then of course as stated above making sure that what they can provide for you based on their style and skill level, will be aligned with what you are wanting to do to put your best face forward!

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