August 19, 2023

Do you know what remote photography is?

Photo Tips & Tricks

Have you heard of remote photography? It’s like having a photographer in your back pocket… which it technically is… in your phone.. Lolol

I’d love to share what it’s all about. I’ve found that working with people from all over the world these last few months that there’s a few points that make this awesome & everyone relates to.

1. A lot of people don’t realize it’s an option!

2. Many places are in different levels of lockdown and this is a super easy way to not have to deal with any bs.

3. Many people are moving into the world of being an entrepreneur, focusing on being more visible online and using your profile pic from 10 yrs ago isn’t going to cut it anymore.

4. Families are gathering when/how they can. Having your own personal photographer to work with at the family’s convenience can make or break that gathering getting documented!

Interested in the what/why/how?

In a nutshell I use a third party app to connect my device to your device. Then I use your devices camera to take the pictures. I pull them thru my device, run them thru my editing processes and deliver the final images to your email.

See more info on my website and feel free to comment below or dm me any questions!