July 25, 2023

What is branding photography?

Photo Tips & Tricks

Good personal branding photos can transform your business. They provide a simple way, for your audience to connect with you on a deeper level. They can showcase your expertise, increase your credibility that you are who you are and do what you say you do, which all build trust. People support businesses they trust.

When planning your branding photo session you want to think about a few things.

- Your Why

- What you offer

- What problem your offer solves

- How you do it that is specific to YOU

- What is your vibe

- How can you portray that in images

- How you will be using the images

If you are working with a professional photographer, they will usually talk with you about these things to get a good idea about you and your story. This allows them to give suggestions of ideas to help showcase these things.

In some cases, if you are working with a Branding Expert, they will give sometimes have a brand book you can share with your photographer to work off of for your images to ensure they are lined up and on brand point.

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